Our Life with Food Allergies

Something happens to you as a mom, when you see your child's body shutting down right before your eyes. Something happens to you. A switch is flipped. You see your child getting pale and weak, swelling up, vomiting. You see all of the different systems in his little body freaking out, and giving up. All... Continue Reading →

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Let’s Get One Thing Straight…

The internet is full. Don't you think? There are ┬áLOT of people out there who know what they are doing, who are winning at life, and sharing the things that work for them. It all can be overwhelming, can't it? You can find almost anything on the internet to back up any position on any... Continue Reading →

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Back to (home) school! Are you ready?

It feels like just last week I sent in my End of Year Report to the school district, detailing that my students-my children have exceeded expectations with flying colors and will be moving onto the next grade levels. Wait a second, it WAS just last week. Wonderful! Now we can sit back, relax, and enjoy... Continue Reading →

My Stitch Fix Experiment pt. 2

Ok everyone, I have a confession. I think I unintentionally led you all to believe that I was anticipating the arrival of my first box from Stitch Fix, but really I was waiting on my second. The first box arrived in mid-March, and it was kind of a complete bust. There was a black dress... Continue Reading →

New Season, New Goals

October is my favorite month out of the year. The month that I am the most thankful to live in New England. ┬áThe foliage surrenders to unavoidable change and eventually lets go; and the process is simply lovely to watch. I always wonder if God made autumn, and the beauty that goes along with it... Continue Reading →

Drudgery-Free Menu Planning

The past few weeks have been rough. I have been fighting a pretty brutal battle with bronchitis and was laid up in bed for a good week or so. It must have put me in a bit of a masochistic mood because I decided to solve all of my most annoying problems while hacking up... Continue Reading →

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